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Sparwasser Hq

Offensive für zeitgenössische Kunst und Kommunikation
Schwedterstrasse 36 A
10115 Berlin Mitte
Telefon 0174-2577729
Öffnungszeiten: Mi -Fr 16-19 Uhr, Sa 14-18 Uhr
vorausgegangene Ausstellung / previous exhibition



Neue Adresse: Schwedterstrasse 36 A, 10435 Berlin. Die Ausstellungsräume in der Torstraße 161 haben wir verlassen, um bald ein neues ähnliches offensives HQ in Berlin zu eröffnen. In der Zwischenzeit findet man Sparwasser HQ in seinen Büroräumen in der Schwedterstraße 36 A, Aufgang 3, 1. Stock.




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Der Offene Brief
Eine Veranstaltung von Salon Populaire und Basso

Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011, 20 Uhr
Basso, Köpenickerstr 187/188, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Am 13. Dezember vergangenen Jahres diskutierten wir im Salon Populaire gemeinsam mit zahlreichen Akteuren des Berliner Kunst- und Kulturkontextes die für Sommer 2011 geplante "Leistungsschau junger Kunst aus Berlin" sowie den damit in Verbindung stehenden Bau einer temporären Ausstellungsarchitektur am Humboldthafen. Aus der intensiven Debatte, an der auch einige der Projektverantwortlichen teilnahmen, ging die Entscheidung hervor, es nicht bei dieser einen Veranstaltung zu belassen, sondern die Auseinandersetzung über die Idee einer Berliner Kunsthalle und ihre weitreichenden kulturpolitischen Implikationen öffentlich fortzuführen.

Weder wurde in der Diskussion eine schlüssige inhaltliche Konzeption erkennbar, noch konnte überzeugend dargelegt werden, inwiefern der finanzielle Aufwand der "Leistungsschau" ­ abgesehen von stadtmarketingstrategischen Effekten und Wahlkampfinteressen des Initiators ­ den Kulturproduzenten in der Stadt selbst zu Gute kommen könnte. Angesichts der chronischen Unterfinanzierung sowohl der Berliner Kunstinstitutionen wie auch der freien Projekte und Projekträume halten wir es für notwendig, gegen eine solche Vereinnahmung Stellung zu beziehen.

Daher möchten wir im Rahmen einer weiteren Veranstaltung mit allen Anwesenden die Vorlage eines offenen Briefes diskutieren, der es den Künstlern, den Vertretern der Institutionen und allen Kulturproduzenten der Stadt ermöglicht, gemeinsam Kritik zu üben und eine Gegenöffentlichkeit zu diesem Projekt und der aktuellen Berliner Kulturpolitik im Bereich der zeitgenössischen Bildenden Kunst herzustellen.


Pressemitteilung Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH vom 26.10.2010:

Aktualisierte Version Artists Open Call vom 25.11.2010:




The Open Letter

Thursday, January 13, 2011, 8 pm
Basso, Köpenickerstr 187/188, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Organized by Salon Populaire and Basso

On December 13, 2010, Salon Populaire hosted a discussion on the "achievement show of young artists from Berlin" (projected for summer 2011) and on the related construction of a temporary exhibition architecture at Humboldthafen. The intense debate amongst numerous practitioners from Berlin's artistic and cultural context, and some of the responsible organizers of the project resulted in the decision to continue public discussions on the idea of a Berlin Kunsthalle and its far-reaching cultural-political implications.

There was no coherent concept visible, nor was it convincingly demonstrated how the financial investment for an "achievement show" would benefit the cultural producers in the city ­ despite having the effect of city marketing along with serving the initiator of the project in his political campaign. In light of chronically under financed art institutions, free projects, and project spaces, we consider it necessary to take a stand against such a form of political pick-pocketing.

Therefore we would jointly like to discuss the draft of an open letter, which enables artists, representatives of the institutions and all cultural producers in the city to collectively criticize this project and the current cultural politics, in the field of contemporary visual arts in Berlin, in order to establish a counter public to this.


Press release Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH from October 26, 2010:

New version of the Artists Open Call from November 25, 2010:



Supported by kunstsaele








EXCRETA FLUXORUM, presentation by Peter van der Meijden
Presentation in the building/eflux.


november 26th // CONFERENCE
Sparwasser HQ participates in Politiche - international forum with European non-profit organizations in Rome.


july 7th // 2 PM // WORKSHOP
Art as a Protagonist - workshop with Karolin Tampere and Åse Løvgren with Anne Beate Hovind, Tone Hansen, Markus Degerman, KUNSTrePUBLIK e.V. (represented by: Philip Horst, Harry Sachs and Matthias Einhoff), Michael Baers, Alexandra Croitoru
Lise Nellemann and Pedro Neves Marques


Architecture of Survival curated by Komplot


april 27th // 6 PM: 'Limits of Paradise' by NG + 'Moldiness' by Yan Renand
april 27th // 4 PM: 'Evacuating The Ghost', StudioBasar, lecture, back in Sparwasser HQ
april 27th // 2 PM: Agency, 'Specimen 848 (Dannon Healthy Habit Cookbook)', at the culinary bookshop Kochlust, Alte Schönhauser Str. 36-37, Berlin

april 5th // 6 PM: 'Introduction To A Kind Of Architecture', Kurt Ryslavy
april 4th // 10 PM: Fabien Defendini
april 3th-5th // 'Mobile Atelier' Rossella Biscotti / Kevin Van Braak / Bart Schoonsderbeek














by Anthony Marcellini


"The moment finally arrives...Oh, come, don't be late."*


Berlin, Open Your Windows is a project using open apartment windows as platforms for a series of temporary public declarations. From these windows a trained opera singer will project sung declarations in German regarding the city of Berlin to the passersby below. These declarations are being presented from apartments in several distinct neighborhoods throughout Berlin: Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Mitte and Prenzlauerberg. The content of each declaration is based on details specific to each neighborhood; drawn from interviews with tenants, news stories, historical and literary references, and the artist's own personal impressions and reflections on this city.

Each performance will begin exactly at the stated time. It will last no longer than 5 minutes. Each performance will only be presented once.




Thursday, February 25th: Kreuzberg
Address: Lausitzer Straße 12, 10999
Performance: 16:00

Friday, February 26th: Friedrichshain
Address: Weserstraße 25, 10247
Performance: 18:30

Friday, February 26th: Mitte
Address: Linienstraße 131, 10115
Performance: 24:00

Saturday, February 27th: Prenzlauerberg
Address: Kastanienallee 73, 10435
Performance: 15:00




Berlin Open Your Windows has been made possible through a residency at Sparwasser HQ.
Thank you to Emily Dirks for lending your sonorous voice.

*Susanna's recitative and aria from Le Nozze di Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.




in collaboration with FEINKOST

///// Presentation talk

Solvej Helweg Ovesen | Anthony Marcellini | Karin Laansoo

Monday, March 1st, 8pm at FEINKOST
Bernauer Straße 71-72
13355 Berlin

Within the frame of the topic "public sphere-rhetoric/ offentlighed-retorik" we are delighted to welcome our two new residents Anthony Marcellini and Karin Laansoo. At the presentation they will talk about their projects that deal with the ultimate exchange between artist and audience in the making. These projects are both realized more as interventions, rather than as 'art event's. Also last years curator-in-residency Solvej Helweg Ovesen will present the work she did during her residency at Sparwasser HQ. Her work inspired us and she was part of the jury for "public sphere-rhetoric/ offentlighed-retorik". The last part of this year residency, the appointed 10 text writers, will be ready for publishing in the end of march. The residency program is here.

Anthony Marcellini //// Berlin, Open Your Windows!

Anthony Marcellini is an artist and writer, whose practice can be defined by an examination of the politics of the creative act. With his work he aims to create spaces where people come together to understand themselves in relationship with the world. While he utilizes many forms of communication and expression, his work primarily revolves around performance, gesture, speech and theater, because these are forms that deal most directly with our human behavior.
While in Berlin Anthony is presenting the project, "Berlin, Open Your Windows!" a research and performance-project taking place throughout several Berlin neighborhoods. Using apartments as semi-public spaces Anthony and an opera singer are presenting a series of musical declarations out the open windows of several flats. These arias are written to reflect the history, the dreams, the tribulations and the triumphs of each neighborhood.
Anthony Marcellini received his MFA in Social Practice from California College of the Arts in 2009. In 2008 he was a recipient of Southern Exposure's Alternative Exposure Grant and the Murphy & Cadogan Fellowship in the Arts. He is also a frequent contributor to the online journal In 2011 he will present a new work as part of the Exchange Radical Moments Europe-wide arts festival. Currently he is teaching fellow through the Independent Study Course at Valand School of Fine Arts. For more information visit his blog.

Karin Laansoo //// Exploitation On Demand

"Producing an exhibition, for me typically involves extensive artistic research, writing, and collaborative dialogue over a long period of time. Mostly project and context dependent, my collaborations are inspired by unusual situations and often impossible-looking circumstances."

Karin Laansoo is a curator and writer, originally from Estonia and currently based in New York City. After receiving her MA in Art History from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2002, she has worked as a producer and Gallery Manager in Tallinn and in New York. In 2005 she authored an award-winning book, 22+ Young Estonian Artists. Since 2008 she has been the Director of PointB-an international artist residency in Williamsburg, New York. She also runs a single-work gallery called Monospace in her apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
At the moment, Karin Laansoo is researching the many expressions of exploitation, both in and around art. She just organized Art, Image, and Exploitation-an international conference at Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. Her proposal for Sparwasser stemmed from that context. The project Exploitation On Demand is a series of public performances carried out by local volunteers in Berlin according to authors' instructions.

Learn more about the conference; about the open call and Monospace and about PointB.

Solvej Helweg Ovesen //// The World As a Stage

Solvej Helweg Ovesen, born in Denmark 1974, is a curator and author living in Berlin. She studied communication sciene (BA) at Roskilde University in Roskilde and cultural studies (MA) at, Copenhagen University, Copenhagen and succeeded her curatorial training at De Appel, International Curatorial Program, in Amsterdam 2003-2004. As a curator she worked e.g. for Sparwasser HQ, Berlin (2000-2002), bak, basis voor aktuele konst, Utrecht (2004-2005), Kunsthalle Fridericianum (2004-2006), Werkleitz Biennale 2006, Halle (2005-2006), U-TURN Kvadriennale für Gegenwartskunst, Kopenhagen, Århus und Møn (2006-2008). She is co-founder and editor of SUM, Eng-Dk Magazine for Contemporary Art based in Copenhagen and Berlin.
Selected publications: "Men in Black: Handbuch der kuratorischen Praxis", Anthologie, 2004, "Happy Believers: Werkleitz Biennale", exhibition cataloque, 2006, "Olafur Eliasson: det indre af det Ydre", 2007, "U-TURN Quadrennial for Contemporary Art", exhibition cataloque 2008, "The Inner Sound that Kills the Outer", Kirstine Roepstorff, exhibition cataloque 2009, "The World as Stage", Diskurs Publication n.b.k., 2010.
In 2009 Solvej Helweg Ovesen was Sparwasser HQ curator-in-resident and invited by Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.), Berlin | Marius Babias, where she curated the exhibition "The World as Stage" and published a book within this frame, "Die Welt als Bühne", in the Diskurs Publikation series published by Walter König, 2010. The exhibition and publication is concerned with a critique of the concepts of 'performance' and 'performativity' in a neoliberal societal context, which will also be the topic of the presentation.












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