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Vitra Design Museum

Charles-Eames-Straße 1
79576 Weil am Rhein
Tel. 076 21 - 702 32 00, Fax 702 - 35 90
Di - So 11 - 18 Uhr
vorausgegangene Ausstellung / previous exhibition


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Vor 20 Jahren baute Frank Gehry hier zum ersten Mal auf europäischem Boden: das Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein bei Basel." ... " Die Arbeiten des schwedischen Frauenkollektiv "Front" gelten als Speerspitze der jungen Designszene."


Herzog & De Meuron:
Fotos und Infos von Michiel van Raaij
"Within the selection of architecture that Eikongraphia presents there is one architectural firm that dominates with seven projects ­ Herzog & de Meuron. (...) The design by Herzog & de Meuron made me think of two images. Firstly there is the image of a Vitra-logo that emerges from criss-cross lines drawn at a corporate paper bag. Secondly, and more prominently, the 'Favela' chair by the designers Fernando & Humberto Campana that uses recycled wood strips to construct a seat. The random stacking of similar linear elements is striking. This is however not a design for Vitra, but for Edra. (...)

Herzog & de Meuron write about their design: "The VitraHaus uses directly the archetype of the house, that one encounters everywhere in the world. By stacking, pressing, and extruding ­ all mechanical procedures that are applied in industrial operations - connects the simple House-form to a complex image where inside and outside overlap."

The suggestion that the architecture is connected to the production of Vitra furniture is powerful. (...) After browsing through the collection of Vitra there is one furniture-designer that in an almost theatrical way demonstrates the industrial themes of extruding and stacking, and that is Frank Gehry. The theme of pressing emerges in the 'Algue' product ­ a plastic rhizome-form of a two decimeters square that can be pressed together to create curtains. (...)


The design by Herzog & de Meuron does also relate to the adjacent museum-building of by Frank Gehry, whose form-language already features 'stacking', 'pressing', and 'extruding', and which building is also white. The new Herzog & de Meuron building is therefore highly contextual. (...)(...) If the work of Herzog & de Meuron is connected to that of the Campana brothers, their work is also connected to nature and further on to the Baroque. Architect Erick van Egeraat already claims that by representing natural patterns (of a rock or a tree) he can make a Baroque architecture .(...)"


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