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Sparwasser Hq

Offensive für zeitgenössische Kunst und Kommunikation
Torstrasse 161
10115 Berlin Mitte
Telefon 0174-2577729
Öffnungszeiten: Mi -Fr 16-19 Uhr, Sa 14-18 Uhr
aktuelle Ausstellung / current exhibition
vorausgegangene Ausstellung / previous exhibition


Eröffnung der Ausstellung

undo redo

Freitag 2. Juni, 20 Uhr, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Friedrichsplatz 18, 34117 Kassel

ab 22 Uhr feiern wir die Eröffnungsparty mit DjImke aus Berlin in der Bar der Galerie Loyal, Werner-Hilpert-Str. 22

3. Juni - 16.Juli
2. - 17. September 2006


undo redo

Lucas Ajemian (USA) | Mariana Castillo Deball (MEX) | Martha Colburn (USA) | Gabriel Lester (NL) | Mads Lynnerup (DK) | Jan Mancuska (SK) | Melik Ohanian (F) | Susan Philipsz (UK) | Kirstine Roepstorff (DK) | Tino Sehgal (UK)

The exhibition is dedicated to the prefix "re" - record, recode, re-constuct, repair, redo, repeat, reply, re-sample, re-create, represent, recover, revolve ....

Kuratiert von Solvej Helweg Ovesen


A series of Art Talks and Collaborations Inviting
artists, artist-run-spaces, curators and cultural producers


DOWDOS presents:

Tuesday 6 June at 8pm at Sparwasser HQ, Torstrasse 161, Berlin-Mitte

Guests: David Keating, Rommelo Yu and Daniel Seiple & Betty Lamprecht for Homie

Hosts: Saim Demircan and Joel Mu

(This evening's talks will be held in English)


David Keating

David Keatings' work deals with issues of architecture, consumerism, standardisation and imagination. Often through the use of humour and the subversion of or misuse of plans, blueprints and prototypes he proposes alternate scenarios, systems and juxtapositions of cultural material. Hand made fabrications of consumer items, standardised housing populated by skeletons, metaphysical demons and the like are all part of the cast that make up his work of mirrored meanings, doppelgangers and continuous re-interpretations of art historical and popular culture references. For this evenings Dialogues of Winter, Discourses of Spring David will be talking about his recent project Global Village Idiot.

David Keating is an Australian artist currently living and working in Berlin.

Recent exhibitions include: "Global Village Idiot", Kings ARI, Melbourne, 2006 (Nextwave Festival), "Mind Games", Conical, Melbourne, 2006 (Nextwave Festival), "Slide" at Gertrude Street Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne, 2005, "Salon d' Freehand", Seventh Gallery, Melbourne, 2005, "Seleckta", Westspace Melbourne, 2005, "It's all about us", Arts Victoria, 2005 and Project Room, Glasgow, 2006 (forthcoming)




Rommelo Yu

In his work, Rommelo Yu is concerned with social unfairness, racial prejudice, the pressure to conform and loss of identity. Born in Manila in 1979 and raised in the USA, he shows the lingering effects of colonialism through images seductive and intimate. From 1995 to 2000 he studied Visual Arts, Literature and Creative Writing at Brown University, in Providence, Rhode Island. Since 2001 the artist lives and works in Berlin.
Recent exhibitions include: "Räume und Schatten" (Spaces and Shadows), at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 2005, "The Cracker Dick Performances", Kunstbank, Berlin, 2005, "Creatures of Comfort", Laura Mars Grp., Berlin, 2003, "Here and Now", BüroFriedrich, Berlin, 2002, "snow crash", Art- and Media Center Adlershof, Berlin, 2002, "Fall and Winter Special Projects" P.S.1/Moma, New York, 2000.





Daniel Seiple and Betty Lamprecht will present Homie, a one-room, public project, art space in their apartment. Since November 27th, 2005 the couple has hosted artists and exhibited their work on a monthly basis. Artists include: Sachs/Hoefner (Berlin), Jeff Prybolsky (NYC), Douglas Ross (NYC), Katarina Burin (Berlin), Jeannette Louie (New Jersey), Neighborhood Public Radio (San Francisco), with more to come.

Homie serves to showcase the work of one artist per month. It is a small room in a 2nd floor apartment. It opens directly to the building's stairwell and is separated from the living space by another door. This intimate scale and architecture potentially create a setting where ideas of visitation/residence, owned/for sale, and public/private are always in flux.

At Sparwasser HQ, Daniel and Betty will present and discuss the artists' exhibitions, past and future. They will also attempt to describe the gallery, its setting, their intentions, and perceived responsibilities.

Stargarder Strasse 71 (corner of Pappelallee)
2nd Floor, 10437 Berlin
Saturday and Sunday, 1-6 PM or by appointment
Tel.: 0177 368 9111
Fax: 030 26076163




Next talk: Tuesday 14th June 2006

Guests: Artist Christian Niccoli and Artist/Theorist Warren Neidich in Conversation with Armen Avanessian.

Host: Lise Nellemann


this will be the last DOWDOS talk


Sparwasser presents the last / presentiert die letzte DOWDOS Artists Talk:

A series of Art Talks and Collaborations Inviting
artists, artist-run-spaces, curators and cultural producers


DOWDOS presents:

Tuesday 13 June at 8 PM at Sparwasser HQ, Torstrasse 161, Berlin-Mitte

Guests: Artist Christian Niccoli
Artist/Theorist Warren Neidich in Conversation with Armen Avanessian.

Host: Lise Nellemann

(This evening's talks will be held in English)

Christian Niccoli

In his presentation Christian Niccoli will introduce his recent video works composing the trilogy Escalating perception and will talk about his new project entitled "Das Problem der Freiheit". In "Escalating perception" (2004-06) he investigates the phenomenon of visual perception on two parallel metropolitan escalators (one going up and the other going down) located within the public transportation system of Berlin, Montreal and Istanbul.
In his new project "Das Problem der Freiheit" - wich will be developed during the Artist in Residence Program at Michelangelo Pistoletto Foundation in Biella, Italy - he will produce a video containing reflections of local teenagers about the concepts of Freedom, Safety, Religion, Sacrifice and Dogma. This Video shall function as a multiplicator for reflections and will be distributed in the schools of the region.

Christian Niccoli was born in 1976 in South Tyrol, a German-speaking minority, situated in the north of Italy. He lives and works in Berlin and Milan.
He studied painting at the Academies of Arts in Florence, Milan and Vienna and in 2005 he was a fellow at Antonio Ratti Foundation in Como, Italy. Recent solo shows took place at Kunstraum Innsbruck, Kunsthaus Meran and Haus am Lützowplatz in Berlin. Recent group shows include Dolomiten Fenster at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Traccie di un seminario at Assab One in Milan and Das absurde Bekannte at Phönix Art - Harald Falckenberg Collection in Hamburg. Starting July 2006 he will be an artist in residence at Michelangelo Pistoletto Foundation in Biella, Italy.



Artist/Theorist Warren Neidich in Conversation with Armen Avanessian.

Title: Restistance is Futile: The Neurobiopolitics of Global Consciousness.

In Empire Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt elucidate what Foucault, in the last chapter of The Will To Knowledge, had already made explicit. They once again reiterate and delineate, in section 1:2, the different and evolutionary consequences of the '"disciplinary society' and the 'society of control' On one hand, the disciplinary society is constructed through a dissemination of social command by diffuse networks of "machinic assemblages" that regulate "each" subjects customs, habits and productive practice. Extensive culture, that culture that is characterized by Euclidean geometries, the assembly line, arboreal classification systems, operates upon the subject from the outside restricting his or her movements and choices along fixed and 'stable geometric points and quantitative logics. The society of control, on the other hand, operates within the domain of intensive cultural apparatti characterized by Riemanian spaces, rhizomatic logics working at non-linear junctures and folded temporality induced by the multiplicity of flows that characterize our global world post-internet. According to the authors, this transition from a disciplinary society to the society of control concerns the emergence of what they refer to as "Biopower" which regulates social life from within. "By contrast, when power becomes entirely biopolitical, the whole social body is comprised by power's machinery and developed in its virtuality". Since 1987 powerful new tools have emerged in Neuroscience which have altered our understanding of how these cultural systems, driven by new and sophisticated technologies, might sculpt the brain of the individuals that comprise that social body. In this artists talk, I would like to explore the possible mechanisms and sites through which we might understand the complex interactions for what I am now calling the "Neurobiopolitical"

for this link, please go to 'artist based practices' and click 'Warren Neidich'


Warren Neidich is currently visiting artist and research fellow at the
Center for Cognition, Computation and Culture at Goldsmiths College,
London 2006-2008. His art work has been exhibited internationally in such
institutions as the Whitney Museum of Art, New York City, Palais de Tokyo,
Paris, Ludwig Museum, Koln, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles
and the Walker Art Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota just to name a few.
Selected upcoming exhibitions in 2006 include The Expanded Eye, KunstHuas
Zurich, Switzerland. Protections, Kunstmuseum Graz, Austria, Sweet
Dreams:Contemporary Art and Complicity, Bayle Art Museum, University of
Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia,. Masquarade, Los Angeles County
Museum of Art,Los Angeles, California, NeuroCulture, , Wesport Art
Center, Westport, Connecticut, Into Me/Out of Me, PS1, MOMA, Long Island
City, New York City, New York and Multitasking, NBGK, Berlin, Germany.
Author of seven books and catalogues he has recently produced a collection
of essays called Blow-Up: Photography, Cinema and the Brain published by
DAP and the University of California, Riverside, 2003. Earthling, a
collection of his photographs with an interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist and
an essay by Barry Schwabsky was recently published by Pointed Leaf Press.
Recent awards include the following . Glenfiddich Artist Residency,
American Representative, Summer, 2005., Arts Council of England Research
Fellowship 2004-2005, British Academy Award, 2005 and ACE-AHRB Arts and
Science Research Fellowships 2004. He is currently a finalist for the
Creative Capital Award.

Armen Avanessian was co-editor of Le Philosophoire (Paris) from 2002
-2004 to which he also contributed articles and translations. He was
recently the editor at the publishing house Berlin Press in London.
He has worked as a journalist and political correspondent for Format
and Falter - Viennese political and cultural weeklies. He studied
philosophy, politics, and literature in Vienna, Paris (Jacques
Rancière) and Bielefeld (Karl Heinz Bohrer) and has taught politics
and philosophy at the University of Vienna. He is currently writing
his post-doc/Habilitation at the FU-Berlin (Winfried Menninghaus)


this will be the last DOWDOS talk


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