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ifa-Galerie Berlin

Linienstr. 139 / 140
10115 Berlin
Tel. 030 - 28 44 91 40, Fax 28 44 91 42
Di - So 14 - 19 Uhr
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aktuelle Ausstellung / current exhibition
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12.10. - 21.12. 2012

In der Reihe connect:

Rosige Zukunft. Aktuelle Kunst aus Tunesien









Preview Programme 2012


In the series Cultural Transfers #5: prêt-a-partager

27 April ­ 8 July 2012


In the series Cultural Transfers #4: Cube or Dome: Mosques ­ New Ways of Building

27 July ­ 30 September 2012


In the series connect: Bright future: Contemporary art from Tunisia

12 October ­ 21 December 2012


Preview Educational Programme 2012

In cooperation with the Hildegard-Wegscheider-Oberschule the ifa gallery Berlin will realise an educational art programme with the title "zuTEXTen" on the subject of graphic novels. The project starts off with the exhibition "Solo for Lia and Dan Perjovschi" with Annika Niemann, Ev Fischer, and Indian artist Sarnath Banerjee, New Delhi.


The ifa gallery Berlin and the Kunst-Raum of the German Bundestag concluded a second cooperation agreement in the form of a pilot project for the year 2012. The art-educational department of the ifa gallery Berlin, in particular Annika Niemann, will develop and realise approximately 15 workshops for the Kunst-Raum.



Further information on the exhibition (upcoming) and images for print (upcoming) are available online.


About the ifa

The Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) is an organization operating worldwide to promote artistic exchange and the dialogue between civil societies, and to provide information about foreign cultural policy. The ifa is Germany's oldest institution for foreign cultural and educational policy and is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office, the state of Baden-Württemberg, and the city of Stuttgart.


Information on the exhibition:

Dr. Barbara Barsch, Linienstrasse 139/140, 10115 Berlin, phone: +49-30-28449111, fax: +49-30-28449142, email:


Information on the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa):

Miriam Kahrmann, Charlottenplatz 17, 70173 Stuttgart, phone: +49-711-2225105, fax: +49-711-2264346, email:,



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