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Sparwasser Hq

Offensive für zeitgenössische Kunst und Kommunikation
Torstrasse 161
10115 Berlin Mitte
Telefon 0174-2577729
Öffnungszeiten: Mi -Fr 16-19 Uhr, Sa 14-18 Uhr
aktuelle Ausstellung / current exhibition
vorausgegangene Ausstellung / previous exhibition

4. October from 11 PM - open end
"The old habits die hard DJ NIGHT",
DJ Susan Philipsz and DJ Mat


30.09. - 29.11.2003

Old habits die hard:

40 videos selected by artist-run spaces and collectives

Organised by Sparwasser HQ
Lise Nellemann, Heman Chong

Opening monday 29. September from 7pm -11pm

program during the "art forum berlin" days:
Extra opening hours October 1.-5. from 2-11pm
"The old habits die hard DJ night" October 4. from 11pm

"Old habits die hard :
40 videos selected by artist-run spaces and collectives"

Old habits die hard is an exhibition-in-progress, where artists-run spaces and collectives around the world are invited to particpate. By utilising existing networks, spaces and collectives are asked to select an artist video, which will become part of the exhibition. Some participants include : Instant Coffee from Toronto, Canada / VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo from Tokyo / Blue Oyster Gallery from Dunedin New Zealand / Dirt Palace from Providence, USA / Signal from Malmö, Sweden / The Danger Museum from Norway/Japan / Mercer Union from Toronto, Canada / Message Salon from Zürich, Switzerland / Tranmission from Glasglow, Scotland / Platform from Finland.

Old habits die hard can be seen as a necessary trigger for updating audiences about the presence and work of these spaces and collectives. In line with our work at Sparwasser HQ, Old habits die hard seeks to connect people and platforms together for exhibition opportunities and peer support, in a bid to be less dependent on insitutional situations offered by museums and cultural bodies.
Old habits die hard relies on the context of how these artist-run spaces and collectives exist and how they select the video. This would inevitably express the content building process, that will be evident within the exhibition.



Sparwasser HQ has the pleasure to present:

Annika Eriksson show her newest video, seen in the context of her
earlier works.

You are invited to attend the artist's talk and to dialogue with the artist

Tuesday, September 23. at 8 pm

Please scroll down for the artist's text.
Artist CV is on the page

The evening will be held in English.



In her videos Annika Eriksson works with individuals or groups to whom she offers the chance of presenting themselves within her video framework, whether it be, for instance, in the form of a small performance, the account of a chosen passion or simply an introduction to one's person, citing name and profession. This is a concept she has implemented, among others, with the brass and drum orchestras of volunteer fire departments or postal units, a dance theatre group of the handicapped, a series of collectors, the entire staff of the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, students of the curator's course at the Goldsmiths College in London or personnel at the Sao Paulo Biennale. All the presentations are based on a precise concept that, on one hand, provides exact definitions of the form and content of the presentation and, on the other, always leaves room for those in question to fill ad libitum. For example, the presentations of the collectors are structured along the following lines: the collector stands before the video camera, introduces himself and names the object of his collection. Then the collector speaks freely as long as he thinks it right or as long as he has
something to tell about his collection and his passion. He then ends with the set phrase "thank you" and Eriksson switches the camera off. This pattern provides a formal frame for the recurring individual presentations that assigns the collector a genre and makes them comparable. As viewers we are sensitised to the distinctions between the collectors' presentations: each one uses his room for manoeuvre differently, presents his own activities in various ways and portrays himself in his own fashion. This is similar to what occurs with the orchestras: their guideline is to march from the left into the video frame one at a time and to group themselves with their instruments frontally to the camera. Their exit takes the same course in reverse. In the time in-between, the orchestras' sole task is to play the song "Sour Times" by the pop group Portishead in an interpretation that is left completely up to them. Since none of these ensembles ever play pop music, it is an exercise that gives them the freedom to deal with the theme as radically as they like. There is no set recipe. In this way the margin Erikson allows the participants is also a challenge, because it can or must be filled. Eriksson's projects always ask how individuals deal with the possibility of an authentic self-presentation or performance as well as whatthe relationship is between the individual and the collective. >Thursday, 31
October, 7 p.m. Sren Grammel, for "Es ist schwer das Reale zu berüren", Kunstverein München 2003



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